Mr Tomblin pens an interesting letter (Dorset Echo Tuesday August 20) writing of Brexit’s long and difficult negotiations.

They were thus because of the weak,vacillating and mealy-mouthed style of the main architect, Mrs May. A Remainer, she gave in to everything, ably assisted by the treachery of the traitorous Hammond and his henchmen.

Mr Tomblin seems to be unaware of the very long history and tradition involved in selecting Prime Ministers in this country. Similarly, the referendum was carried by a voting majority, the same long-standing system in this country.A result that has been cunningly and illegally defied by the traitors named above.

Mr Tomblin’s ideas of legality are strangely and disturbingly selective.

Leaving the EU may well have its difficulties but fundamentally more important, it will be the culmination of events properly, legally and democratically decided by the 2016 referendum. The nation was asked, ‘Leave or Remain’. The nation answered with an emphatic,’ Leave’.The EU itself is decidedly undemocratic. The definition of democracy seems too difficult for many to understand today; possibly as the result of the many years within the EU.

EU Commissioners are no more than self-selecting political placemen, impossible to vote in or out.

We are no longer a sovereign nation.

Our laws, social systems and politics are dictated by these placemen, intent on an ever-closer federation of states. When the UK joined what was then understood as the Common Market, no one here understood that to mean a total loss of democracy and sovereignty as now exists within the EU.

Ron Hill

Corfe Road,