People are being urged to stay safe as thousands are expected to flock to the Dorset coast this bank holiday weekend.

Visitors and locals are advised to be aware of the potential dangers at the seaside and along the Jurassic Coast.

It follows a number of coastal emergencies over the past few weeks which has seen rescuers assist sailors, walkers and others.

The coming weekend – the last big weekend before the end of the summer season – is expected to be very busy as temperature soar.

Bev Allen, Maritime Operations Controller at HM Coastguard, said: “Warm weather is forecast for much of the country this weekend and whatever the weather, the bank holiday is when many people quite rightly want to make the most of our wonderful coastline and beaches.

“We respond to 999 calls round the clock, every day of the year and so many unhappy incidents could be avoided by taking some of simple precautions. This summer, in particular we’ve had lots of cases of children blown out to sea on inflatables and our clear message is keep inflatables for fun in the pool as they can be a big risk to life on the beach.”

Advice offered by the coastguard includes avoiding jumping from piers, rocks and cliffs. People should also choose beaches where lifeguards are on duty, keep an eye on younger members of groups, wear a lifejacket if going to sea and keeping in touch with fellow group members. Anyone who gets swept out to sea should stay with their boat or inflatable, shout for help and wave their arms.

Advice from the RNLI says: “Heading down to the coast or out on the water is a great way to have fun and stay active. But, if you’re not careful, it’s a lot easier to get into trouble in the water than you might think. Conditions can change quickly and, if you’re not prepared, you can easily get caught out.”

The RNLI highlights several dangers to watch out for in the water. These dangers include cold water shock, rip currents, tides and waves. The organisation urges people to familiarise themselves with potential hazards and to also consider their own levels of fitness before entering the water. The RNLI also warns of the risks that alcohol can bring. The organisation asserts that alcohol is involved in one in every eight coastal deaths.

Over the last seven days, the coastguard has received a number of call outs to assist people around Dorset’s coastline.

On Sunday two kayakers became trapped on a beach near White Nothe for hours as a result of adverse weather conditions at sea.

This resulted in a difficult rescue operation, in which the kayakers had to be winched to safety one by one.

Not all potential hazards across the coastline involve the water.

On Monday a woman who broke her leg while walking down to Durdle Door.

Swanage Coastguard also had a busy time last weekend, as they were called to help an eight-year-old boy with a broken arm at Knoll Beach, an 11-year-old boy with a dislocated knee at Shell Bay, an ill man at Old Harry Rocks and a yacht ran aground at Knoll Beach.

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