AN application for two homes off Chickerell Road, Chickerell has been refused by Dorset Council.

Several neighbours and the town council had written to object to the scheme, most saying that the development would be too big for a small site with other expressing concerns about the road access from the plot adjacent to 538 Chickerell Road.

Chickerell Town Council said the proposed homes would be on the ridge line and cause “significant detrimental impact on the landscape.” There was also concerns about the site being close to a public path and the potential use of a turntable for cars.

The principle of a single storey home on the site has already been established by an appeal decision in June 2018.

In rejecting the application the application for two homes the planning officer who decided the case says: “Whilst the principle of residential development is established on this very narrow, linear site, it is considered that the proposed development for two, two-storey dwellings would represent a cramped form of over-development of the site, with limited outdoor amenity space for the occupiers of the dwellings.”