Weymouth RNLI inshore lifeboat was launched to assist Portland Bill Coastguard Cliff Rescue Team to rescue a climber who had become stuck on the end of a rope at Sandholes near to Red Crane on Portland.

Solent Coastguard also tasked a helicopter to the scene shortly after 9.30pm on Saturday

On arrival, the volunteer crew of the lifeboat along with the cliff rescue team decided that it would be best, due to an overhanging rock, if the lifeboat could get in close to the shore and the climber and a member of the cliff team could climb into the lifeboat.

In very tricky sea conditions and in the dark, the helm of the lifeboat managed to manoeuvre into a position where they could get into the lifeboat.

Once aboard, the lifeboat took the climber and Coastguard team member to Portland Marina where they were met by other cliff rescue team team members.

The inshore lifeboat then returned to station at 11.10pm, refuelled and made ready for the next shout.