A GUEST house in Weymouth has offered a tongue-in-cheek invitation to President of the United States to come for a free stay.

Greenlands Guest House says it would be delighted to welcome Donald Trump and is also offering discounted rates for American and Danish tourists.

It comes after President Trump cancelled his trip to Denmark following a dispute over Greenland.

He said he would be interested in buying the island which is an autonomous region of the Kingdom of Denmark.

Danish prime minister Mette Frederiksen called it an “absurd discussion”. Trump fired back that her comments were “nasty” and cancelled a planned trip to Denmark.

Steve Latty, manager of the Guest house, has acted quickly to capitalise on Trump’s cancelled visit to offer him a replacement – a free trip to sample Greenlands’ amenities.

Mr Latty’s proposition isn’t entirely selfless, and he intends to seek out some business advice if President Trump takes him up on his offer.

Mr Latty said: “Despite its wealth of natural resources, President Trump is clearly struggling with Greenland’s value - a problem I’m confident he won’t experience with Greenlands.

“I am happy to offer him a room for free in exchange for his hotelier knowledge, but as he seems keen not just to use Greenland’s amenities, but buy them outright – I’m willing to listen to any offers he may have and I’m sure I’m much more amenable than the Danish Prime Minister.” Ed Goldswain, Marketing Director at booking site eviivo, added: “The opportunity here for Donald Trump, and American and Danish tourists, is certainly a unique one.

“We are in full support of Steve’s kind gesture to the most powerful man on the planet.

“Given the very special nature of the US-UK relationship, we are proud of the lengths our B&B owners will go to accommodate the Commander-in-Chief.

“We can’t offer him ownership of an island – but with Steve’s proposition, he can at least sample Greenlands’ credentials… for one night only!”

Nestled in the heart of the local harbour and situated on Weymouth’s Jurassic coastline, Greenlands Guest House describes its offering as ‘a balanced mix of chilled seaside relaxation alongside a variety of impressive attractions’ that would make the property a delightful visit for Mr Trump.