I read with interest – though not totally in agreement – the letter ‘Pavement hazards’ August 28.

I know its author doesn’t live in Beaumont Avenue or Moorside Close because if he/she did then mention would surely have been made to the most hazardous of hazards concerning pavements which are the pavements themselves when they are in a state of needing more than just a quick fix repair!

Quite frankly for years as residents of the aforementioned addresses we have heard that our pavements are on the list for urgent repair and yet still they are left in a decaying and dangerous condition.

Several years ago when we had a local bus (another rant for another letter) the bus stop was outside my house and an elderly lady alighted from the bus and tripped on the uneven hardcore surface, the top layer tarmac having long gone – and I rushed out to her aid and bathed and bandaged her wounded knees.

I reported this to Highways Department and eventually after a very forceful conversation on my part the department came out and did a repair to two small sections to the pavements.

The engineer sympathised and agreed that the two pavements needed to be re-done completely as did the roads (another rant for another letter) and that hopefully the new financial year would see these essential repairs being done – however, he failed to state which financial year this would be – the pavements are now in an even worse state!

I wish that the students – cyclists – mobility scooter users and the like about whom the author writes would use our pavements if only to lend their weight to the fight to get them repaired for clearly as residents our voices are not enough to make a difference.

Julia Squibb

Moorside Close,