I WONDER how many readers are aware of the considerable hypocrisy with which we are being governed at the moment?

Boris Johnson has threatened Conservative colleagues with expulsion from the Conservative Party if they vote against him this week, yet earlier this year he and many others of his ilk voted against Theresa May’s Brexit deal.

If they had all been expelled from the party then where would he be now? Watch out Oliver!

When he was campaigning for us to leave one of the clear messages we were given was that Brexit was to bring sovereignty back to parliament rather than the EU.

Then he decides to take all the powers off parliament and dictate what is to happen himself.

He claims to believe in democracy, but someone who is elected by 90,000 Conservative Party members does not have a democratic mandate to dictate to the rest of us in this way.

Do we want to be governed by a Mr Cummings who can sack who he likes without normal personnel procedures being implemented and who was not prepared to be questioned by parliament earlier in this year?

Let us all remember that the truth is not something that is a lie repeated often enough. We need to be on our guard.


Southill, Weymouth