If I may be allowed to reply to letters from John Tomblin(Letters Wednesday 28th) and Mike Joslin (Letters Thursday 29th) each in answer to my previous letter.

Mr Tomblin suggests the electorate votes for a Prime Minister, when of course the electorate vote for their local MP’s who then sensibly choose a leader who will then be PM.

On Brexit, the public have already voted on the deal.

The referendum asked Leave or Remain; nothing else.

We are not, as he claims,`crashing out` of the EU; we are simply leaving as decided by the referendum result. Any fear and hysteria is solely due to the anti-democratic antics those Remainers failing to accept it.

The splenetic ravings of Mr Joslin’s letter gave me cause to smile.The somewhat tortured ramblings read like pages from J.K. Rowling.

His questioning of Brexiteers` research is misguided.

As a leaver, I do not, as he claims, dream of bygone days nor do I have an irrational hatred of the EU. On the contrary, I have become more `European` with age.

However, my `research` of the EU shows one priceless and undeniable fact; it is un-democratic. It`s political leaders are self-appointed placemen.

Mr Joslin`s remark that the majority of Brexiteers are too old to be affected by our leaving is insulting and would be offensive were I a millennial snowflake - luckily I`m not.

However I do find it typical of the bile to be expected from the Remain camp.

My life-long interest in democratic politics gives me a huge advantage over the majority of youngsters whose historical knowledge is much more limited.

Contrary to his presumption, it is my determination to ensure my children and grandchildren enjoy the same democratic and sovereign rights that all in this country enjoyed until such essential rights were proscribed by EU diktat.

His linking of what he calls Corbyn’s ‘social-mindedness with that of Labour made me smile. With regard to his last paragraph, I wish only the return of two things; democracy and sovereignty, both stolen from me and all voters in the UK, by the EU.

Now, on a more serious note; dog owners along the esplanade wheeling apparently healthy pets in pushchairs: what`s that all about?

Ron Hill