I STARTED out in estate agency, 50 years ago and I have never experienced such a drawn out uncertain property market, as we are now experiencing and yet, I never hear or read any reports confirming the state of the market.

My understanding overall, prices have levelled off and expectation is that they are about to fall due to Brexit, whether it does or does not happen at the end of October.

I also wonder if mortgage lenders are being very cautious in case there is a drop in values of property.

We know retail is in a bad place and manufacturing in the UK is not at all good.

I am now retired, therefore not having any daily experience of what is exactly happening, although I do keep an eye on press advertisements.

But those are these days, few and far between.

I occasionally talk or exchange emails with estate agents, who know me from my time in the profession.

The impression I have is, that only bargains are being sold.

Some have agreed, if you don’t have to sell now, you it might be better off to leave it until later.

Countrywide and Savills rely on shareholders and I wonder how they are performing.

The building construction industry is worried by the Brexit effects.

I enquire whether readers would care to chip in with their honest views and experiences.