Hi readers, it’s Emily and William here today, talking plastic.

Why? Because I, Emily, was having a drink out of my new stainless steel water bottle, which keeps my drinks very cold, and I mentioned to William how many fewer plastic water bottles I use now because of it.

I then noticed that when my Coke arrived here in Carluccios, it came in a glass bottle, which is much better for the environment.

It got us wondering how much more expensive a glass bottle is to produce than plastic (if it is?) but that it’s really good that some restaurants sell drinks in glass bottles, because they can be recycled and reused.

I, William, sometimes buy Coke from the supermarket, but they don’t sell it in glass bottles, except I think the very big ones. So I still have to buy my Coke in plastic bottles, but I would like to be able to buy glass bottles so I can recycle it. The next time I am in the supermarket, perhaps I should ask the manager if they can think about stocking glass Coke bottles.

I also told Emily that I re-use my plastic Coke bottles to take water to work the next day. Although that’s good, I, Emily, think it’s better if he had a reusable water bottle, which he can take in water or hot drinks to work. So, while writing this article, we have been on the internet and found William a water bottle, which we have bought.

I, William, think this is good and means that I will drink more water, which is better for my health, especially as it’s a one litre water bottle, which is much bigger than the plastic Coke bottles.

We want to write a lot more about plastic so tune in next week to hear more of our thoughts!

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