There will be a chance to see a preview of a new film about the death of T E Lawrence.

The screening of Lawrence: After Arabia will be given as part of the Purbeck Film Festival.

The event will take place at the Rex Cinema in Wareham on Monday, October 28.

As well as screening 20 minutes of the new film, director Mark Griffin will introduce the film and will be giving a short Q and A.

The film is about the last years of T E Lawrence’s life.

Mr Griffin said: “Retiring to his cottage in Dorset he hopes to escape his past but is pulled into political intrigue.

“While he has powerful friends with his uncompromising manner, he has made dangerous enemies.

“As they plot against him he dies in a tragic motorcycle accident. However, with such enemies was his untimely death an assassination and cover up by the British Secret Service?”

The preview and Q and A will start at 6.30pm.

The Echo has been reporting about the film’s updates, including the casting of high-profile actors Brian Cox and Hugh Fraser.

The film also attracted attention, when the production was banned from filming at Clouds Hill – the cottage where the famous military officer lived.

At the time Mr Griffin accused the National Trust of ‘censorship’ and claimed it would not support the film because it ‘perpetuates the theory of Lawrence’s death being a conspiracy’.

However, an agreement was later made between the trust and production.

In June, the film attracted further media attention when the brother of one of the two boys involved in the crash that killed T E Lawrence accused the production of ‘just trying to make money’.

He said Lawrence’s death was accidental and that the production company ‘is barking up the wrong tree’ if they think it was an assassination.

He told the Echo that media speculation had a significant impact on his brother Frank’s life, who was involved in the crash.

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Lawrence: After Arabia is set to be released in May 2020.