WHEN did politicians of all colours make decisions that were undemocratic?

As I understand it, MPs and our local councillors were elected on either their manifesto or that of their party; either way the electorate vote for policies that they believe in and certainly do not expect the behaviour which has been exhibited by some just recently.

Three years ago we had a referendum which was to leave or stay in the European Union.

I’m not going into the percentages, as we all know statistics can be skewed to suit any author’s arguments but undeniably the country’s decision was to leave.

The voting system of Parliament with MPs started in 1215, but the system as we know it now started in 1688. Wars and conflicts been been fought for the rights of the people to be heard throughout the ages, with women’s vote coming in the 1920s.

It is a democratic system where it is hoped the voice of the people are heard. That is not what appears to be happening now. The arrogant and power-grabbing MPs doing their own thing because, for whatever reason, they do not agree with the electorate.

Why agree to a referendum which cost money–yours and mine–if you do not agree with the decision of the people?

Why go against party policies again because you think you know best?

For those of you who wish to stay in Europe, look at the behaviour of Barnier, Corbyn, Germany and France and how much we are paying for the privilege of joining this club and then look at how equal the share out is.

Look at the disaster fund and how this might be used to help countries prepare for us leaving; look at the money used to update autobahns, now look at our percentage and ask yourself if we have had equal shares.

Remember we are three years down from the decision, so plenty of time for provisions to be made, surely. With the group who do not agree with the referendum results and use words like ‘undemocratic’ I would say that their behaviour from day one hasn’t been democratic, more child-like. Lastly, how do our local politicians feel, that the young and vulnerable in our county have been neglected? To me it’s the same councillors sitting on the same committees as the old council which doesn’t give much hope for the future for these children.

We have no care facilities within the county. Those that need supporting are cared for miles from home in other counties with the exception of a few in Weymouth.

The homes that provided care were inspected and found inadequate, a sad indictment for county officers who should have monitored these homes much more closely. We certainly have little to look forward to if the so-called good and great continue to behave as they are doing.

A very sad 70-plus lady.