There's just weeks left to visit a tank collection which has been on display since 2017.

The Tank Museum's 'Tiger Collection', which brings every member of the Tiger tank family together into one display, will end on November 3 to allow for redevelopment of the Second World War hall.

The collection was opened in April 2017 by both German veterans who fought inside the beasts and British veterans who fought against them during the war. The collection has been a huge hit, with visitors coming from far and wide to see the line-up.

Until January 2019 the collection had the Elefant Jadgpanzer as a guest star, on loan from the US Ordnance Training and Heritage Center at Fort Lee, USA. It is one of just two surviving examples of the 91 built.

Museum Curator David Willey said: "The exhibition, very kindly supported by World of Tanks, brings the world’s only running Tiger I, two King Tigers, a Jagdtiger, a virtual reality Sturmtiger, and until January the extremely rare Elefant, together in one impressive collection.

"Getting up close with this infamous collection of armour truly provides perspective on the scale of these vehicles, especially when compared to the Allied vehicles in the exhibition: the Sherman ‘Fury’ and T34/76. This really does show what the men facing these monsters were up against."

Tiger Day 12 on September 14 is a chance to experience a full day of Tiger tank related activities, including Tiger 131 in action in the museum’s arena, alongside its Second World War contemporaries. It will also be an opportunity to see the Tiger Collection before it ends.