WESSEX Water has objected to an outline application for five homes next to Park Farm Close, Martinstown.

It says that the proposed site layout conflicts with a three-inch public water main which crosses the site – but says that the pipe might be able to be diverted, at a cost.

“Wessex Water will not permit the build over of public water mains by new properties. Easements are usually three metres either side of the main, subject to application public water mains can sometimes be diverted, at the applicants cost, to achieve suitable easements,” said the company in a formal objection to Dorset Council.

The proposal, from Mr and Mrs King, is for three detached homes and two semis. Two of the properties would be three-bed and the rest four bedroom or bigger. Eleven car parking spaces are also planned for on the 0 .6 hectare site, which fronts onto the Martinstown to Dorchester road and is just east of the centre of the village.

The parish council has raised no objection to the proposed development while Mr Michael Hall has submitted the only public comment on the outline application.

In his submission to Dorset Council he says he supports the planning consent but adds that there is an ongoing concern in the village about any additional strain on the main sewage pipes.

“The main sewer pipe that runs the length of the village is put under stress at times of high water level, due to the nature of the surrounding area, and also at times of high rainfall. At these times the mains sewer tends to back up through the length of the village and cause problems with the egress of sewage from existing properties particularly those close to the main road in the village,” he said.

“The addition of any number of properties that are to share in the use of the existing sewage mains will further exacerbate this current problem. Whilst there has been some recent work on improvements to the pipe system there is no way of yet knowing whether that works are successful in improving the situation,” he said.

A decision is expected to be made by a planning officer.