MORE than 400 food parcels were distributed to Dorchester area families in need during the school summer holidays.

The town’s foodbank said that it supported 88 families with more than 160 children between them and distributed 425 parcels in total during August.

The parcels were handed out on four Thursdays during the month to families eligible for free school meals during term time.

In a report to Dorchester Town Council this week John Weir from the food bank thanked the council for it’s grant of £500 made to this project earlier in the year.

He said: “We can only provide this service through the generosity of our supporters include trusts, churches and individuals who provided funds of nearly £10,000.  

“We are also indebted to the many volunteers each Thursday and the people who provided home made cakes. 

“We are also grateful to The Baptist Church who provided the accommodation and office support for no charge,” he said in a report to the council’s management committee.

Mr Weir said that there is now enough money left over from the operation for the food bank to be able to provide food parcels at Christmas. 

Because of the help of volunteers and donations, the only expenses for the month were £35.

"There were a number of families who stated that they or their children would have gone hungry this summer holiday without this extra help and others who were grateful that they could use the money they had saved on buying food to provide small treats or excursions for their children – something that most people would take for granted,” said Mr Weir.