I agree with the good points Lynne Crowe, letters 9 September, makes as she suggests we unite in tackling climate change, after the divisive Brexit debate.

The threats of Brexit, real or imagined, pale into insignificance when compared to the huge impacts of climate change both now and in the future. Global warming has already caused over 1 degree Celsius average rise in world temperature, with the Arctic heating up much more than this: 3 - 4 degrees. Increased flooding, with more frequent and more severe storms have already resulted from this increase.

Some predictions are for global warming of 3 - 4 degrees by 2100. This could melt most of the massive Greenland ice sheet and cause sea levels to rise by 6 metres, around the world. What this would mean for Weymouth was demonstrated by Extinction Rebellion in their recent action, when they drew a line in chalk to show this sea level rise on a shop wall in St Thomas Street. It would mean that most of low-lying Weymouth would be under water, reclaimed by the sea.

The world faces a climate crisis, especially the half of the population, who live on or near the coast. Only by uniting to tackle this common threat can we hope to deal with it effectively. Now that really would be a project to unite our divided country.

John Tomblin

Littlemoor Road