A WOMAN was airlifted to hospital after suffering multiple injuries after plunging 30 feet down a cliff on Portland.

Portland Bill and Wyke Regis Coastguard Rescue teams were alerted at 4pm on Saturday.

Both teams were asked to assist the ambulance service and Devon Air Ambulance with locating the casualty who had reportedly fallen around 30ft whilst descending through the cliff paths, near to Blacknor.

A spokesman for Wyke Coastguard said: "On scene the teams met with a paramedic from SWAST and awaited the imminent arrival of Devon Air Ambulance. When arriving at location the air ambulance assessed the scene and requested assistance from Rescue 175 due to their winch facility. Rescue 175 was then duly tasked to the incident.

"Team members then guided the HEMS doctor and SWAST paramedic down the steep cliff paths to an area known as The Fallen Slab.

"The casualty had landed directly next to Fallen Slab and was between rocks, in fairly close proximity to the shoreline.

"The casualty had been aided by climbers who were in vicinity when they fell. When on scene the SWAST paramedic and HEMS doctor assessed the casualty, giving pain relief. The casualty had suffered multiple injuries from the fall and was stabilised awaiting recovery from Rescue 175.

"Rescue 175 winched their paramedic to the incident location and recovered the HEMS doctor and SWAST paramedic, taking them to the cliff top to receive the casualty when winched. Rescue 175 then returned to the casualty location and recovered both the casualty and their paramedic, taking them to the cliff top to transfer to the Devon Air Ambulance for further treatment.

"After the cliff top transfer, Rescue 175 departed scene and the Devon Air Ambulance packaged the casualty ready for transportation in their helicopter. Devon Air Ambulance then departed scene for Dorchester Hospital.

"With the casualty in the safe hands of Devon Air Ambulance, all further resources were allowed to stand down.

"Our special thanks go to the multiple climbers in the vicinity who raised the alarm and provided immediate assistance to the casualty until emergency services arrived."