Further to my earlier letter regarding Bryants Lane being used as the outer lane of the M1 motorway, I have been exposed to a number of incidents during the past few months.

1. A driver knocked a horse down and causing the rider to be thrown to the ground, who suffered cuts and bruises, with the driver driving off without stopping. The police were informed.

2. An 11-year-old school girl was knocked off her bicycle and again suffered cuts and bruises.The driver did not stop and drove off without any due regard for the possible injuries to the young lady.

3. The day of bin collection, a driver knocked down a number of bins, knocking them into the road, with garbage strewn across the entire lane.

We are heading at full speed for a fatality, with the lane being used as a bridleway, a school run for many mothers and their children and many frail and infirm pensioners.

We then come to the claim that signs have been placed by the Highways Authority in Bryants Lane.

This has been done without consultation with local residents and has had absolutely no effect on the ‘rat-run drivers’. The slow sign has been placed in the exit of Bryants Lane, not at the entrance to the lane.

We need consideration of a 20mph status, please.

Nigel J Gauder

Bryants Lane

Wyke Regis