WEYMOUTH Town Council has objected to plans for six new holiday lets after concerns were raised by residents living nearby.

The town council’s planning committee said they could not support the proposed development on farmland east of 61 Bowleaze Cove near to Waterside Holiday Park.

Cllr Louie O’Leary who represents Littlemoor and Preston on Dorset Council said he had a number of issues with the plans.

He said the people who live in holiday lets at the bottom of the slope will suffer a ‘massive loss of privacy’ because they’ll be directly overlooked.

He added: “This application has been refused a number of times and it’s always due to coastal erosion in the area, apparently there’s a common theme along there of landslips. One home is even for sale there with ‘buy or beware’ on it due to this problem, and planning applications have been refused there in the past for that reason.

“It also breaks up the gap between residential accommodation on that road and the holiday park to the east, which creates quite a nice gap between the folks that live there and the holidaymakers.”

He also said there is a problem with noise and explained how residents don’t want to live next to holiday makers due to noise fears.

“I think it’s an inappropriate place to have this development next to residential homes” he said.

A resident said: “We feel it’s a totally inappropriate place to put a holiday let, young children playing there will have to cross a busy main road to get to the beach.

“We also believe it’s outside the planning boundary and when we purchased land there, we were told that you want to maintain that natural site, between us and the holiday camp.”

Cllr David Mannings said: “I completely back them up on this one, turn it down.”

The plans have already attracted opposition from Weymouth Civic Society, who said: “It would be an encroachment into the open land forming an important gap, which has been preserved as the last area of green space between the group of houses on the hill and the holiday development in the valley beyond.”

The group also shared concerns over further erosion and said holiday lets in the location would be ‘unsuitable’ and could cause noise and disturbance to a quiet residential environment.

Weymouth Town Council's objection will be noted and the plans will go before Dorset Council planners in due course.