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CURRENTLY for Weymouth, all we seem to be saying is goodbye.

The Jurassic Skyline closed last month due to a decline in popularity, as Weymouth Carnival failed to run. Although it may run next year, something new is needed.

Weymouth must keep up with its losses by replacing them with new, exciting attractions.

The peninsula development is due to go ahead, but a few more restaurants and a hotel will not keep Weymouth a popular place to live and visit. More must be done. Something new – the carnival could do itself proud next year, but how long will that stay resurrected? The vibrancy of the town must be restored, not an outdated, failed carnival.

Weymouth has a superb seafront with a large beach with many eateries, but that is it. This highlight of the town should be supported. The town must have a new attraction that will be memorable and thoroughly enjoyed throughout the year. Whilst Weymouth may be a seasonal town, it doesn’t have to be. This new attraction that is needed must be available to all, all year round.

Being a coastal town, boat rides could be popular, but for those who would rather have their feet on the ground, there are many other forms of entertainment that could be made available.

There are several derelict sites in Weymouth which need to be developed, one site could become a leisure centre, including an ice skating rink, bowling alley, a soft play centre and possibly another cinema, gym or swimming pool. Winter visitors, as well as the local people, could be entertained with a Christmas market as another opportunity for the town.

Mentioned are several ideas which I believe could be successful, and I hope something fresh will restore the vibrancy of Weymouth.

By James Sullivan