I AM impressed with Peter Redman`s knowledge viz-a-vis the workings of the EU. Truly commendable.

Unfortunately such detail only serves as an obfuscation of the essential truth of such a political leviathan. It is not democratic.

A democracy is that which is governed by the people or their elected representatives.

What voting control does the UK electorate have over the other twenty six members of the EU? The answer of course is none.

When we in the UK were suckered into what was then cunningly and deviously described as the `Common Market` it was understood to be just that and no more.

It has of course now morphed into what it was always intended to become, ie.the EU, a federation of nation states.

UK sovereignty has been usurped by the EU.

With that went our democracy. The detailed workings of the political structure are as nought. Without sovereignty there can be no democracy.

Our laws and our courts have all been subverted under EU control.

I am happy to be a European but not to surrender sovereignty.

No sovereignty, no democracy.

Ron Hill

Corfe Road,