Whilst we say thank you to the Dorchester Town Council for the proposal of a 30 mph flashing sign to be erected, and the sign saying thank you is a good touch, we do feel that this is only part of what needs to be done so we will keep badgering them.

We hope it is to be erected west to east to stop the dash to beat the lights.

East to west is not quite so bad as the town congestion is a deterrent.

Even most of the villages in Dorset without dead straight sections have prominent slow signs, 3-2-1 bars across the road, some raised, 30 mph signs with large yellow background and some even illuminated.

Our signs are even blocked by tree foliage.

The operation should start from Stinsford Roundabout. Make this section to the 30 mph restricted to 40 mph, preparing the motorist for the 30 mph signs.

Yes a permanent flashing sign and repeater signs on lampposts - if this does not work several years ago the “authorities” put in place all the wiring etc for a speed camera. Finish off the deterrent.

There is lots to be done that would not cost a fortune but make our road safer.

Referring to congestion another cheap solution, make the road from Loders Garage to A37 roundabout one way, out of town only except access to the bottom of The Grove, making them use the bypass.

Ron Coleman

London Road,