By chance I read the last phrase of Richard Drax's column (September 20) first and was pleasantly surprised to see that he wanted " trade with and support our European allies and friends. "

But then I read the rest of his usual ill informed rant against the EU "empire" and saw that he had reverted to type.

The recent joint press conference with the Luxembourg PM was arranged to take place outside, with Boris Johnson' s agreement, because there were not any rooms inside big enough to accommodate everyone.

When Mr Johnson saw the crowd outside included a bunch of noisy hecklers, he turned tail and ran for cover. I thought most politicians were able to deal with a few hecklers.

Not Boris Johnson, apparently. The Luxembourg PM was now left on his own, so he gave the speech he had previously prepared. What was he supposed to do? Say nothing just because he had been deserted by Mr Johnson? Boris Johnson had "empty-chaired" himself and neither he nor Richard Drax can blame the EU for this.This was hardly a "pre-planned ambush by the empire of the EU".

Finally, Mr Drax reminds us that we recently fought for a free Europe. Yes we did and out of the horrors of WWII came, eventually, the EU, which has helped maintain peace in Europe for over fifty years.

John Tomblin

Littlemoor Road,