WE holiday at Weymouth about 20 weeks per year with our greyhounds.

We can’t believe the bias of the council over the dog ban/dates for use of Weymouth beaches.

Two councillors state they are against dogs using the beaches as their grandchildren are afraid of dogs. I must say I have never seen a dog run up and attack or frighten a child in all the years we have been visiting.

These councillors need to educate their offspring and themselves regarding interaction with dogs.

Dogs do not naturally run and jump up children as they claim. In fact, if children scream and run away from dogs, the dogs are confused by this reaction so perhaps the children should be sent to pet appreciation courses.

My old greyhound was a Pets as Therapy dog and I took her into our local primary school reception classes where children were introduced to her, encouraged to interact with her and overcome their fears as well as being shown the correct way to approach and greet a dog.

One little girl (who was terrified of dogs when I arrived but whose mother wanted her to attend the session to overcome her fear) saw how gentle Lucy was and by the end of the session was a changed child with no fear of dogs but had been taught the important lesson of how to approach them.

The council should remember that Weymouth businesses need dog owners and the trade they bring - go down onto the beach and you will see, at this time of year, that most people there are the dog owners that the council want to ban. Extending not reducing the times dogs can use the beach should be on their agenda not the opposite.

Lynne Saul