Barry Tempest refers to the nonsense of my claiming the EU is non-democratic.I feel I must apologise for my opinion; what a fool I’ve been.

However, if as he writes the EU does not issue diktat, why have the swingeing financial restraints forced upon southern European nations e.g. Greece, been so forcibly, unfairly and strictly imposed.

This same solo action by the mighty German bankers could also go some way to support my belief that France and Germany effectively control the EU.

That the Euro was set at a greatly advantageous rate against the German mark (not my opinion but regularly referred to in the better financial pages) is yet another reason why Germany effectively controls the EU.

He who pays the piper calls the tune.

Just ask those same southern European countries.

This control is also the result of the original political thinking in the nineteen twenties from the two nations most drastically effected by the First World War, France and Germany.

The EU was seen to be their answer to prevent yet another disastrous war.

It was never seen as a democratic fix.

It was always intended as a federation and has now morphed into a supra-state federation of nations beyond even it`s own initial dreams. What makes the whole edifice so undemocratic is this megalithic structure.

My definition of democracy has nothing to do with an allusion to the Gettysburg Address as Mr Tempest claims but is simply the dictionary definition of the word and refers to the ancient Greek derivation.

Democracy is not subject to complexity as he claims. A political system is either democratic or it is not.

A supra-state federation such as the EU cannot be a democracy. Which is why it is doomed to failure. The bad faith and ill manners, rudeness and hatred shown to the UK by those Commissioners and others over recent times says it all.

We freely, if somewhat foolishly joined, we won a democratic and legal referendum to leave. Simply, we should be allowed to leave in the same manner.

The floral nature of Mr Tempest’s paragraphs are where we differ. Democracy cannot be made to suit his talk of, “moral understanding”, “over-arching concepts of human rights.”

The dictionary definition either holds or it does not.

World history is full of those who have talked similarly; many with cunning and evil intent.

Ron Hill

Corfe Road,