WHAT has happened to respecting other peoples opinions in this country?

No matter which way a person voted over Brexit we must now all surely look at Parliament for what it has become - a total joke and a worldwide embarrassment.

Parliament is now nothing but a circus with a showman like John Bercow no longer the Speaker of the House but acting like a ringmaster in a spotlight leading on the clowns once called MPs. Surely they won’t be throwing custard pies next.

Maybe the general public should have a collection fund to purchase Banksy’s painting “Primate Parliament” when it goes to auction.

It could be hung in the Commons for MPs to look at and consider which one are they. I now find it embarrassing to say I voted remain as for three years remainers have whinged like bad losers.

Come on remainers, come on MPs, lets all grow up and accept the democratic vote of the referendum and not just what we want to call democracy.

As a remainer I would prefer to let the European Parliament and the European courts make all our decisions.

Would we then need 650 Parliament members or could we make bigger constituencies and reduce the MPs by say one third?

Mind, one wonders then how many would suddenly back the Brexit vote to keep their place in Parliament.

Phil Billings

St Pauls Court,