I CONFESS I did not attend the ambush of Boris Johnson by the PM who leads that great nation Luxembourg (no cynicism intended).

I am however prepared to bet John Tomblin (Letters, Monday September 23) was not there either.

However from television and press reports, the large, organised group of hecklers was of a size that gave the lie to any idea of spontaneity.

Similar, in fact, to the large rent-a-mob the BBC always show in the background of any report from outside Westminster. Mr Johnson did no more than reply to the organised rabble before him.

To dismiss, as Mr Tomblin does, the idea that this was not a planned ambush might indicate just a hint of naivety. Mr Tomblin refers to Richard Drax`s column as being ill-informed.

I did not read Mr Drax`s column but I fear Mr Tomblin`s rebuttal of it may be equally ill-informed.

The EU did not come about as a result of the Second World War.

The political and intellectual movement to create the EU came about as a result of the untold horrors and dire financial results of the First World War and its dreadful aftermath, in particular to France and Germany.

The keeping of the peace in Europe since 1945 has been solely in the hands of the UN, not the EU as he claims. Remember the Balkan wars?