Mike Joslin castigates a journalist for having the temerity to write in support of independent schools (Letters, September 25).

There is, as far as I know, no evidence that abolishing them will in any way improve the educational chances of those who lack the means to go to such schools. Of course it might cheer up those who hate people with money, but any government worth its salt would investigate how independent schools achieve the results that they do for their pupils and aim to replicate it in the state sector.

Unfortunately parties of the left usually feel that levelling down is the best solution. When education becomes the victim of political ideology the results are usually negative.

The proposal to abolish independent schools comes of course from the present Labour Party, a once great party reduced to a narrow political sect.

I am not sure such politics bodes well for education or the country.

Sadly in these politically polarised times, the calibre of MPs in all parties is such that I cannot see them rising to any of the challenges we face, whether in education or anything else.

Richard Samways

Albert Terrace,