On August 30 you kindly published a letter submitted by myself under the heading ‘Watch your language’.

I was concerned that with the return of Parliament after the decision to suspend the house would lead to firmly held views on both sides being expressed in language should be such that it did not fuel hate or violence. Since that letter Parliament has been suspended, the Supreme Court has ruled that suspension to be unlawful and Parliament once again resumed sitting this week.

The language and tone adopted by some national newspapers in reporting the decision of the Supreme court has been lamentable, it has of course been fuelled by some politicians.

On Wednesday the behaviour in the House of Commons was (with some notable exceptions) deplorable and a matter of grave concern.

It is surely time for all who express their views publicly be they, politicians, reporters or commentators to reflect on the consequences of the language and the tone they adopt when speaking or writing for if this current febrile level of debate continues we will slide be default into a society in which fear and intolerance hold the upper hand over tolerance compassion and hope.

Hon. Alderman Brian Ellis

Windermere Crescent,