As a resident of Southill who will be most affected by the redevelopment of Marchesi House, I am really disappointed by the lack of support from councillors and planners who voted for it to go ahead.

We all felt it is overcrowded and not in keeping with the surrounding area. In fact, I call it ‘an eye sore’.

I am sure if this type of development was erected next to the planners and councillors it would be turned down.

I would like to say a big thank you for the councillor who agreed to the overcrowding.

Then I read in the Echo of Monday September 9, that planning permission was turned down in Cranford Avenue for exactly the same reasons put forward by the many residents of Southill who are concerned by the size of the new re-development.

Not a thought was given to the people who will be affected.

Also, the great surge of extra cars (over the last few years they have been six to eight cars and only one entrance in and out of the new complex). I must also point that the residents who were all pensioners have been ideal neighbours and we have had no social problems in this area.

Can the councillors and planners guarantee us a trouble-free society with this new mixture of residents?


Rowan Close,