I suppose it was only to be expected that the South Dorset Labour Party would call for Kate Wheller to resign (October 5) now that she has become an independent councillor.

Mrs Wheller was presumably faced with the dilemma that so many councillors and politicians have faced over the years: the party they originally joined becomes something very different from what it once was.

In Kate Wheller’s case, despite what Tony Prowse says, many people will have voted for her and will continue to do so, because of her qualities as a fine local politician, not because of a party label.

Does he not see that if you turn a party into some kind of narrow sect, politicians and councillors of any worth will depart.

Those, whose councillor she has been for a long time, know that she does her very best for them, irrespective of their political leanings.

We need more like her.

Richard Samways

Albert Terrace,