A dog suffering from several serious health problems has made a full recovery thanks to the hard work of vets in Weymouth.

Costa, a 13-year-old Doberman, was rescued by a charity after his previous owners allegedly didn’t take action as his health deteriorated.

Natalie Birch, from West Country Doberman Rescue, stepped in when it was feared Costa would be put to sleep if no one could take care of him.

She said: “His previous owners told us that the reason they were looking for someone to take him was that he had arthritis and they were moving to a town house.

“However, when we picked him up we could see he was in a disgusting state. His ears were so badly infected he had cauliflower ears.

“His nails had gotten really long and thick and he had abscesses in his mouth and gums. He had clearly been suffering from health problems for a long time.”

Costa was taken to Dave Cumber Vets in Weymouth where Natalie said he received amazing care.

Natasha Scotson, one of the vets that helped Costa, said that when was brought to them he had “multiple chronic health issues all seriously affecting his quality of life.”

She said: “He had abscesses around his teeth with severely painful ulcerated gums.

“Many of his teeth were so rotten and painful they needed urgent surgery to remove them.

“He had open infected sores on his elbows and over his scrotum and both his ears were badly infected.

“His mobility on his back legs was very poor and he struggled to stand or walk.

“As a result of this when I first met him he was very subdued and miserable.

“Now he is bright, enjoying short walks and his cheeky personality is becoming more and more evident.”

Costa is currently staying with a couple in Dorchester, but he is looking for a more permanent home.

West Country Doberman Rescue will pay for Costa’s care, they just need someone to love him.

To get in touch, email westcountrydobes@outlook.com