The long-running saga of making roads leading to Dorchester’s household recycling centre safer is about to take another turn.

The new route was opened without enough thought about traffic management according to ward councillor Stella Jones.

For more than a year residents have had to put up with their parked cars being damaged by lorries, poor parking effectively reducing parts of Lubbecke Way to a single lane and vehicles continuing to use the former route, St George’s Road and Long Bridge Way because of a lack of signing.

Most of those issues have now been solved and Cllr Jones told town council colleagues this week that the next step to improve safety should now be in place by mid-November.

She said that further white lines will now be painted on some parts of the road to create a chicane effect with ‘slow’ lines being painted in the areas where children play and elderly people from a residential home cross the road.

Cllr Jones said there would also be new direction signs added near Fenway Close because people were still getting confused about where the tip is located at Louds Mill.

“Hopefully all these things should be in place by November 15 and then we can look again to see what effect it has on speeding vehicles,” said Mrs Jones and Monday evening’s town council planning committee.

Cllr Les Fry reminded the committee that the site was in the wrong location and was too small to meet the town’s needs. The point has been recognised in an inspector’s report into the county waste and minerals plan, but had not been acted on by Dorset Council.