NEW dropped kerbs to help people in wheelchairs and parents with children in buggies could be installed along Dorchester’s Wessex Way.

The town council has put its top priority on the route in a request for Dorset Council to carry out the work.

Other sites include at the mouth of Wollaston Road close to South Walks House and Prince of Wales Road opposite the Westerley BMW garage.

The sites have been identified by the Dorchester Access Group in liaison with the town council’s community development officer and highways staff.

Planning committee chairman Cllr Robin Potter said he was pleased that over recent years there had been a big increase in the number of dropped kerbs around the town which had improved access: “I’m very pleased with that but there are still a lot of places which need attention,” he said.

The town council is now to investigate whether it would be possible to add a map showing all the town’s dropped kerbs to its website to help visitors plan their routes when coming to the county town.

Cllr Stella Jones also welcomed the extra access points – but said the effort was completely wasted when drivers parked across them, without a thought to other people’s needs.