The Supreme Court has ruled on the prorogation of Parliament and the decision was unanimous amongst the eleven judges.

The presiding judge made it clear that this was not about Brexit and neither side should seek to use it as such.

Our legal system is set upon a hierarchal basis with minor courts being subject on appeal to scrutiny by any higher court and that scrutiny can be on law or due process.

The higher court’s decision stands until appealed of itself or a contrary decision in an equal court that then goes forward.

The result is a system of precedent law.

In the case of prorogation the Supreme Court’s decision is final until and if legislation overtakes it.

The view expressed by divers on this decision that junior judges had agreed another outcome is spurious and ill-founded and utter nonsense.

The view of the Appeal Court that the matter was not proper to them was on process not the law.

The judgement was difficult in the circumstances but notably historic.

We should be proud of it and of the independent legal system that produced it.

AP Taylor