Sites for new traffic speed indicators for Dorchester won’t be decided until further traffic data can be analysed.

Dorchester Town Council has decided to buy a SID, speed indicator device (SID), which can be moved to different locations around the county town in addition to the one already in use at Bridport Road, although that may be removed when the new machine is brought into use.

Favoured locations for the new sites include London Road, near the Trumpet Major pub, and Herringston Road.

The council has been told that two to three alternative sites are best with the SID at each site for four to six weeks before being moved.

Town council planning committee members heard on Monday evening that the final decision would have to be based on data from Dorset Council’s traffic team, which might mean extra traffic speed surveys.

Cllr Fiona Kent-Ledger argued for a sign between the roundabouts near the Trumpet Major where she claims ‘boy racers’ speed up on the way to the West Stafford bypass where there practise illegal drifting late at night.

Cllr Stella Jones agreed with the problems of speed in the area. but said that she believes more advantage might be gained from a SID in London Road heading out of town.