It's all go for Weymouth Carnival 2021.

An organising committee has been formed, plans are being drawn up and sponsors are showing interest.

Now organisers of what will be a revamped community extravaganza want to hear from people about when in the summer they think it should be held.

As reported, plans are being discussed for a major Weymouth Carnival comeback after the event collapsed. This summer saw the absence of the carnival for the first time in its almost 70 year history.

People have since come together in a bid to resurrect it, but believe it should be an up-to-date event with more community input and involving the wider town.

They are considering whether it should be held on a weekend rather than a weekday, held over a few days instead of a single day, and either be held earlier in the summer so schools can be involved, or during the main tourist season in August.

The community is being asked to share their ideas about these options.

The carnival has traditionally been held on the third Wednesday in August.

A small-scale event honouring this date will be held next year – a chance to say 'farewell' to the carnivals of old.

However the main focus is about putting on a fantastic Weymouth Carnival 2021.

Committee chairman Elysia Jade Munday said: "Our new committee is strong, super motivated and super organised. We have achieved a massive amount already and sponsors are coming left, right and centre before we even go out and appeal.

"I can confirm Weymouth Carnival 2021 is happening. Next year will see smaller events, and we are planning something for the August to say farewell to what carnival used to be.

"The big focus is on 2021. That gives us time to rebrand, put our plans together, raise money and ensure we have an event that has a long life."

She added: "We would love to know when people want this to happen – before the summer, midsummer, or later. Holding it on a weekend seems the most viable option but that does isolate tourists coming and going on changeover days (at holiday camps and hotels).

"We want this to be the biggest event of the year, which will also be promoting other events in the town, too. But we need to hold it at the right time and reach as many people as possible. It will be a showcase of Weymouth and the surrounding area."

Different ideas are being explored for Weymouth Carnival 2021 but Miss Munday said there is likely to be a grand procession which will be 'revamped and given a new lease of life'. A display by the world-famous Red Arrows is also on the cards.

To share your ideas or lend support in any way email