RESIDENTS of Weymouth's Park District have been asked to share their views on the future of the area's parking permit scheme.

It comes ahead of a proposed shake-up to sort out the area's parking nightmare.

Last year members of the community told the former Dorset County Council that the on-street parking permit scheme was “not fit for purpose”.

Some residents feel trapped through the summer and on weekends, afraid to move their cars in case they can't find a space on their return. They are fed up with permits being given to hotels and B&Bs while they struggle to find spaces – despite paying £70 a year for each permit.

A petition from the Park District Community Forum was presented to Dorset Council’s Petitions Committee in January, calling for a review.

Now, Dorset Council is inviting people with parking permits in Zones A and C to fill in a survey.

Residents can have their say on a range of permit-related questions, including if there should be free permits for ‘green’ vehicles, if they would pay more for a permit that covered parking in a car park, removing one-hour spaces and restricting business parking permits.

Residents will also be asked if they think incremental charges should be brought in, with each additional car permit costing more.

Cllr Ray Bryan, Cabinet member for Highways, Travel and Environment, said: “We recognise that our policy hasn’t kept pace with the growth of cars on the road or number of cars per household.

“We know that residents may have different views to businesses in the area so, as well as asking residents in these permit zones, we will also be talking with hoteliers in the area.

“Please fill in the survey as your views will shape the future of on-street permit parking in this area.”

Cllr Jon Orrell, who represents Melcombe Regis, said: “We recognise there is a supply and demand issue; with a significant difference in the number of spaces available and the number of people wishing to park their cars.

“I’m pleased that residents are being asked what they think. If you have an opinion on parking this is the chance to make your views and concerns heard.”

The survey is available here:

For anyone unable to access the online survey, members of the parking services team will be available at the Park District Community Centre, Chelmsford Street from 10am to 4pm on Tuesday, October 22 and Tuesday, November 5.

The survey is available for seven weeks from Monday, October 14 to Sunday, December 1.