THIS entire country is sick and fed up with Brexit.

I cannot understand how the majority of Conservative voters in this area voted to leave when Sir Oliver has consistently showed he wanted to remain.

He is in the position to represent the Conservative voters who put him there.

He may have his own opinion but has no right whatsoever to go against what his electorate wants ie. to leave.

He has shown his voters that he has no interest whatsoever in what they want.

He simply wants to toe the line to remain as a representative of the Conservative Party.

I find it deplorable that he has taken this stance and openly disregarded the people he is supposed to represent.

The entire Conservative Party should be ashamed of themselves in seeing that there are more than one million objectors already to the crisis this country is now facing, particularly as the Prime Minister is in a position which has not been constitutionally won, but by a measly number of Conservative voters.

When the decision was made to leave the EU it was for every political party and not just the Conservative Party. Might it have been advantageous to have created a coalition of every political party?

This may very well have had a different outcome rather than the leaders blundering on with no concern about the people of this country.


A lifetime visitor to Weymouth and caravan owner in Pebble Bank holiday park.