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Knife crime has risen 81 per cent since 2014, whilst charges have decreased by 20 per cent, according to 30 regional police forces in England and Wales.

Each year, more and more people are assaulted in the large towns and cities of Britain. Although London is notorious for knife crime, it is the smaller cities which have seen the rise, such as Preston in the north west.

However, we are safer. Dorset is in joint second place with the Cotswolds to have only one offence in a population of 10,000 people.

Monmouthshire had the least number of crimes at only 0.5 offences per 10,000 people.

On the other end of the spectrum, Westminster had a total of 35.5 offences per 10,000 people, followed by Manchester with 24.6 offences per 10,000 people.

Here, it is clear to see that we are possibly living in one of the safest places to live in Britain, at that must be appreciated.

The clearest correlation within these statistics is that the more urban the area, the higher the rate of knife crime.

Many people fear to leave their own homes, particularly at night due to the rise in these crimes. It is becoming a part of culture in Britain, like how gun crime is part of American culture.

If Britain follows America’s path; we are facing the problems America began faces a decade ago.

It is not just with crime. Bad eating habits are just something else America has been fighting due to the increase in fast food chains, which have navigated to Britain too.

Our culture is becoming an imprint of American culture.

By James Sullivan