Why are we losing 20 much needed beds at Bridport Community Hospital?

Where else can acute hospital patients be transferred for rehabilitation or palliative care?

In September 2017 Dorset Clinical Commissioning Group counted 44 beds at Bridport, confirmed in May 2018 by Ron Shields, then Chief Executive of the Dorset Heathcare University Foundation Trust. But Ryberry Ward’s 24 beds have been closed for costly ‘improvements while Langdon Ward is to be turned into office space for the integrated care team - even though former operating theatres and the mental health unit stand empty, dead space more than adequate for that purpose.

Tens of thousands of pounds of public money are being spent to gut the Bridport facilities, and turn a happy, busy and efficient hospital with a full complement of staff into a ghost ship. When the need for its services will only increase year on year.

Jenny Barrett

Hamilton Place