Children at a school in Dorchester have been inspired to learn with a special focus on food and farming.

As part of the whole-school unit of work, every child at The Prince of Wales School in Dorchester visited Maiden Castle Farm and took part in a range of curriculum enriching activities.

Children at the school have also had a host of visitors come and talk about food and farming. Visitors have included a Professor from CEFAS (Centre for Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Science), a local farm vet and the editor of Simply Vegan Magazine.

Headteacher at The Prince of Wales School, Gary Spracklen, said "We believe it’s important for children to understand where their food comes from. We are proud to offer such a rich and varied curriculum that is rooted in our local context."

Mr Spracklen said a particular highlight of the fortnight was an assembly where all the children had the opportunity to ‘Facetime a Farmer’.

He said: "We worked with the Open Air Dairy to provide a live video link in assembly.

"It was a special experience for the children to see the dairy herd being milked live. Children had the opportunity to ask the Dairy Farmer questions about the process. It’s wonderful that we now have technology that supports such experiences."

Speaking about the video call, Year 4 pupil Jacob said, "It was amazing to see the cows being milked in assembly. We got to ask questions and find out more about the Open Air Dairy."