NEXT year’s iconic Dorset Knob Throwing festival has been cancelled after Kingston Maurward College said it could no longer host the event.

A spokesman for the festival’s organising committee said the decision to cancel was reluctantly made as a result of the college cancelling the Memorandum of Understanding made between the Dorset Knob Throwing Committee and the college. He said the 2019 Dorset Knob Throwing was a huge success with over 8,000 visitors enjoying a glorious day at the venue.

He said: “Record attendance made it the most financially successful KnobFest to date for the benefit of Dorset charities, rural activities and sporting and other organisations.

“Sadly the Dorset Knob Throwing and Frome Valley Food Festival will not take place in 2020 but will return in 2021. He said a meeting was called by the college in September to discuss either to increase its share of the distribution of surplus funds or to examine venue hire options. The spokesman added: “At this meeting Kingston Maurward College’s Commercial Finance Manager advised that the college was taking a fresh look at all its external activities with a view to increasing the college’s revenue from them. “It was stated that profitability and resourcing were the predominant issues for the college. At the meeting the committee outlined its plans for event expansion and associated revenue growth while maintaining the essential “fun” element of Dorset Knob Throwing. “The committee suggested alternative fund distribution options and agreed that a hire option would be acceptable if Kingston Maurward really wished to end the partnership model. “Following that meeting the Commercial Finance Manager stated that even with potential growth and a greater share of distributed funds the college was not assured that profits would be adequately increased. “She stated that the event had run its course at Kingston Maurward.

“The committee is, of course, very disappointed with this outcome after two successful and profitable Knob Throwing events at the venue but respects the college’s commercial priorities.

“It is unfortunate that prior to this meeting there had been no suggestion that the college was even considering cancelling the arrangement. Indeed, during the course of the 2019 event at Kingston Maurward College, top college management had then spoken about its success and a long term future at the college.”