PLANS to demolish the former borough council offices on Weymouth’s North Quay will be re-submitted.

A previous application was turned down by Dorset Council’s area planning committee earlier in the year.

It has also been revealed that there has been more than one offer from developers to buy the site.

At the time of the planning refusal one would-be developer said that the site would be better used for high-end apartments, using the money from the sale of the site to build affordable homes elsewhere.

Weymouth Cllr Louie O’Leary asked about the future of the site at Thursday evening’s Dorset Council meeting.

He was told by cabinet brief holder Cllr Tony Ferrari that the council was currently reviewing all its property assets but that plans for the North Quay site were continuing: “A recent planning application for the demolition of the former council office building at North Quay was unsuccessful, and in light of concerns raised by members of the planning committee consideration is being given to a revised application that would contain information about sustainability that was requested.

“The possibility of grant funding from Homes England to assist with redevelopment exists and discussions with a registered provider of affordable accommodation have taken place.

“The Council is not actively marketing the site at the moment. Unsolicited offers have however been received and acknowledgments have been sent to those who have expressed an interest.”

Cllr O’Leary also asked about the future of another of Weymouth’s ‘stalled’ projects – the A354 western relief road.

“This is very important to Weymouth and has been stalled for several years,” he said.

Brief holder for transport Cllr Ray Bryan said the need for the road would be looked at again through the proposed new Dorset Local Plan and Local Transport Plan for 2023.

“Infrastructure proposals need to meet the government tests of being high value for money, needed, deliverable, funded and of a scale appropriate to the level of growth being planned for an area. An evidence led approach will be taken by officers in their recommendation to councillors who in turn will decide whether the council intends to pursue the scheme any further,” he said.

Previous reports from officers, who are still working for the authority, had rejected the road on grounds of cost benefit.