It's about being in the right place at the right time – and Kayla Smith definitely was.

This incredible shot of a sailing boat, as seen through the Durdle Door arch, was taken by Kayla in a photographic ‘fluke’. She had a split second to take the photograph at the famous Jurassic Coast landmark, and her picture – taken using a second-hand iPhone – manages to perfectly frame the vessel in the arch.

“If I had taken it a second after it would have been a completely different picture,” she said.

“I can’t believe how lucky I was.”

Kayla, 46, a yoga teacher and holistic massage therapist from Weymouth, explained how she visited Durdle Door with her friend who was over from Portugal and wanted to see some local sights.

After walking on the beach, they became aware of a boat heading towards Lulworth.

Kayla said: “We walked back towards Durdle Door and as we got nearer the boat was miraculously aligned. It was a split second thing and I didn’t have time to think about composition. I just got my phone out and took it. It was only when I was looking at my pictures later I realised I had been extremely lucky with the picture. It was a fluke.”

Kayla has received a huge amount of positive feedback from friends after posting the picture on Facebook and the image has since been shared several hundred times.

She said: “Durdle Door is such an iconic landmark and must be one of the most photographed places in the UK but how many people have seen it like this?

“I’m pleased to share it and it’s nice to know so many people can enjoy looking at it. It was such a lovely day with my friend and I’m so pleased to have this magical picture from it.”