A planning application has been withdrawn after a backlash from residents.

Betterment Properties had put forward proposals to build six bungalows and additional parking spaces on a green space at Haylands on Portland.

However, the developer has made the decision to withdraw the application after residents reacted negatively – as reported in the Echo.

Cllr Pete Roper of Portland Town Council said: “They (Betterment Properties) wanted to build six bungalows with eight parking spaces.

“But it’s a small place and the green space would be destroyed and lost."

Cllr Roper said a director from Betterment had spoke to him and said the firm was 'blindsided' by the reaction from residents who spoke of their concerns in the Echo.

The firm then decided to withdraw the application and no longer had plans to build there, he said.

Cllr Roper added: “The community has won, by coming together they have put pressure on various organisations.

“There was such strong opinion against the development that Betterment decided to withdraw the application, it’s the community that made this happen.”

Joe Saunders, a director at Betterment Properties, said: “We have been watching the objections over the last week or so, since the application went public.

“I spoke with our chairman Mervyn Stewkesbury and we came to the joint decision to listen to the residents and withdraw the application.

“I met with Cllr Roper on Saturday morning to announce the news knowing full well he had a meeting with several of the residents later that morning.

“We do try to listen to residents where possible.”

Residents were ecstatic as they welcomed the news that the local green space will be saved.

Speaking on Saturday, Jeff Proctor said: “This smile will be stretched across my face for the rest of this weekend.

“It proves that the little man can have a go and for anybody thinking of opposing a development, it can be done, if done in a proper and responsible way.

“We were surprised by the result, we were expecting some opposition, but it’s fantastic.

“I’d like to give credit to Betterment, they have listened to the public. We don’t want to be arrogant in victory.”

Fran Knight, a resident of Haylands, said she cried when she heard the news.

She said: “I burst into tears, just look at it (pointing to green space). It’s part of the community. It’s one of the reasons I live here because it’s so lovely. I am really pleased.”