ON a recent evening a rampaging group of youths went down a road in Weymouth, knocking over bins and kicked down a garden wall.

They could be described as feral.

Although they might have been good kids they had put aside all boundaries of behaviour.

The police were called but were unable to respond as they did not have sufficient staff resources.

Even if Brexit happens, it is not about immigration or democracy.

These are just used. It is really a project about feral finance which rich often posh spivs want to bring to the UK.

Spivs are defined as dubious market traders.

These spivs trade on the money markets in hedge funds and venture capital. They have taken over the old Conservative party removing their more cautious colleagues. Their finance is feral because they do not want any boundaries or regulations to hinder them building their wealth.

They will kick down environmental standards when we need them most and knock over our health service, schools and public services so they can be privatised and make them even more money while most people are made poorer and with worse public services.

As for regulations, like the police, any regulators left will not have the resources to respond.

David Winterburn

Hetherly Road