“IN the name of God, go!”

That was Oliver Cromwell’s demand to a so-called ‘rump parliament’ 360 years ago.

MPs were not representing the people then, and I feel we have a similar case today, with many Members dishonouring the 2016 referendum.

No MP should fear an election, as the people are our masters and we stand or fall on their vote, just as it should be.

From the many conversations I’ve had, and correspondence I’ve received, the people are not fooled for one minute.

They see a Commons mired in contradictions, a House that has lost its way and legitimacy.

The Prime Minister is right to call a general election because, given the situation, there is nothing else he can do.

Inevitably, Brexit will dominate the campaign, with the Withdrawal Bill having already passed its first stage.

The Bill is far from perfect, but with Remainers placing so many legislative obstacles in the way, it’s the best Mr Johnson could do.

For me, I am appalled that, three and a half years after that referendum, we still haven’t left, and I know many of you feel the same.

My message is, stick with us.

The will of the people will be actioned and hopefully this election will give us the majority we need to see it through.

As I’ve said repeatedly, our country has a bright future once we’ve left the EU.

A free trade deal will be struck, as it benefits both sides to do so.

We will remain friends and allies of the other 27 nations, while striking out around the world, to generate the prosperity that will surely follow.

It’s time now for good, old-fashioned courage, akin to that shown by England’s rugby team.

Look what they can achieve working as a team.

We can do it, too.