A TEACHER from a Dorchester school spoke in the House of Commons about his student's efforts to tackle environmental issues in their community.

Edd Moore represented Damers First School at a special climate change event in London on September 20.

Organised by the Chief Executive Officer of Delphis Eco, Mark Jankovich, the event was launching the Plastics Pledge campaign.

This pledge included creating an on-pack label for businesses to show how much recycled plastic they are using.

The campaign states that this empowers consumers to choose packaging that is not polluting the planet, and proves that 100 per cent recycled plastic is possible.

Mr Jankovich said to a room full of businesses in the House of Commons: "There is more micro plastic in the sea than there are stars in the galaxy." He spoke about his bottle packaging being made from recycled plastic milk bottles.

Mr Moore then spoke about Damers First School and the anti-plastic campaigns they have supported such as Plastic Free Dorchester.

He said: "What a fantastic, proud day to be a part of and to represent Damers First School at.

"All the sustainable businesses here today were overwhelmed by the amount of plastic work the children at Damers First School have led over the past couple of years with great success across the local community and nationally.

"I hope our work will inspire other schools and businesses to help make our world a better sustainable place for everyone."

Also at the event, the inspirational Chris Bertish, who completed the first solo unsupported stand up paddle board crossing of the Atlantic Ocean in 93 days, talked about all the plastic he encountered while on his trip.

He said it inspired him to put together his own environmental program for children that has been backed by the UN: "You've got to lead by example, be passionate and be driven by a mission greater than yourself."