WITH a general election ahead of us many local issues are drowned out by talk of Brexit, policing the NHS and education all important issues but one thing that has to be remembered is where your candidates stand on local issues?

Do they flip flop on supporting demolishing north quay like one? Do they want to scare of new and existing businesses?

And perhaps the biggest issue for Weymouth do they support the western relief road? This road could be the start of something big if built.

Opening up more great opportunities at the thriving Portland port, also supporting sunseekers and others to grow and expand bringing well paid secure jobs.

The concern about the fleet has been discounted time and time again and has been pushed by people who seem to be unaware what the fleet is and where it is, and would also cut down on pollution from congestion.

As well as the economic benefit it would take huge amounts of traffic out of the residential parts of Weymouth’s south side and end the daily battle through traffic and fumes along Portland road down to Boot Hill and Lanehouse.

We know Richard Drax supports it but where do the other candidates stand?

Cllr Louie O’Leary

Brisbane Road